Continuing with the human and scientific vocation that has marked the history of our clinic since its foundation, we face a new stage of changes in which we want to renew our commitment with the patients, with the health scene in Malaga and with the environment.

Dose management

We are working to accomplish one of the main challenges of current radiology, reduce the emitted dose of radiation and customize the dose of the administered contrast. Therefore, we have renewed a big part of our devices and have carried out important software updates on other equipment to achieve these objectives. The implementation of a sophisticated dose management system is the last step in this series of technical implementations.


We want to improve our communication with the patient, so that attendance is quick and personalized. Therefore, we have opened an online chat on our webpage, which will allow the patient to talk in real time with our collaborators who will provide guidance according to the patient’s needs.

Digital technology and environment

We invest in digital technology to capture, store and distribute images. We have an extensive digital archive which the patient could access and consult their medical history since 2007. This is intended to facilitate the patient’s access to all their results from any device and at any time, and to support the radiologist access previous studies. By this means, we are able to reaffirm our commitment to the environment, favoring the change of physical material to an online archive that is able to deliver and consult results.

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